Rider Combos that Can Adapt in the Chess Rush

The rider is indeed a scourge in Chess Rush, but in fact, this synergy consumes a lot of resources and on average it can only be done in Turbo Mode which does have a lot of resources to waste. Therefore in this guide, we will try to put together the Rider synergy that is still very likely to be pursued, without having to spend a lot of your resources.

Combo Rider yang Bisa Beradaptasi di Chess Rush

Rider Synergy

A rider is a name for a class that drives animals in Chess Rush. They have the following synergies.

In battle, the Rider's synergy will allow the Riders to bring up shields that provide additional armor and magic resistance for a few seconds. This clearly makes them more difficult.

2 Riders: All Riders have a 30% chance of getting 150 armor and 60% magic resistance
4 Riders: All Riders have a 45% chance of getting 160 armor and 60% magic resistance
6 Riders: All Riders have a 60% chance of getting 185 armor and 60% magic resistance

Rider itself consists of units:

Dragoon (Dragon-Epic)
Hog Rider (Goblin-Common)
Unicorn Cavalier (Elf-Uncommon)
Templar Knight (Human-Rare)
Calamity (Undead-Rare)
Scourge (Demon-Uncommon)

From the unit riders, you see above, you will definitely begin to understand the main problem of Undead's synergy. Yes, they have a terrible rarity level that is difficult to collect. Actually, you can just combine these riders with races or other classes to get the strength of the riders, without having to collect all six at once.

The main keys of the synergy that we wish to teach below are Hog Rider, Unicorn Cavalier, Templar Knight, and Calamity.

Hog Rider is the first rider who will often be in front of you. You have to buy all the Hog Riders that appear until finally, you have a two-star Hog Rider. The same thing applies to Unicorn Cavalier because this unit also has a tendency to appear very often in early games.

Although we mentioned the two riders are important, but you can also buy other riders who are presented to you. Although this impression will use up a lot of Mana Crystal, in truth, you can still save money by only targeting these heroes to two stars.

In addition to the riders, you must also target Voodoo Elder (Goblin-Uncommon), Misfortune (Undead-Epic), Evergreen (Elf-Uncommon), Nightowl (Beast-Epic), Nether Prince (Demon-Rare) and one or two Legendary heroes (any).

Voodoo Elder is a Warlock class hero. Together with the Nether Prince, he will provide Warlock synergy.

2 Warlock: All units get 15% lifesteal. If the HP is still full, the lifestyle result will turn into a shield
While Misfortune will work together with Calamity. Both will activate the synergy of Undead.

2 Undead: Armor of all opposing units decreases by 20
Evergreen will synergize with Nightowl. That means you will get one tank and one-hitter for a small fee.

2 Druids: You only need 2 units of the same level 1 Druid to get an upgrade to level 2
With all the synergies above, you can get a pretty terrible synergy with only nine heroes. Even crazier, all these heroes don't have to be level three. They could have fought at level two and remained very strong until late game. If you get to level three, just think of it as a bonus that will strengthen your heroic ranks.