Running a Business is Like Playing Tetris

Have you played Tetris? In this 1980s game, you need to strategically rotate, move, and drop geometric shapes that fall on the board. These forms are built on the board and the only way to remove them is to form a horizontal row of blocks with no free space.

Running a Business is Like Playing Tetris

It can be a pretty difficult game! The more you play, the harder the game becomes. Forms are steadily falling and the ability to erase lines is almost impossible. You can bum by placing the shape in the wrong place! Your game plan is confusing. You are in a desperate situation.

Employers can feel the same despair when dealing with business paper that is constantly piled up. The complexity of hiring employees means that you need to keep up with numerous state and federal employment regulations and accurate payrolls, to name just a few.

If you do not complete these back-office tasks, you will be overwhelmed immediately. Also, unlike Tetris, you can press the restart button due to the building block load-no remorse for tax delays, inaccurate messages, or inappropriate hiring decisions.

If you own a company specializing in painting, drywall, trucking, etc., you can be prepared for potential problems related to this business. If necessary, you can find ways to repair your machine, schedule it, or clean up your job site. However, the tax filing requirements and other issues related to business operations are probably not at all ready. Employment, overtime, decoration, child support, etc.

And, like a Tetris block, these problems will become less common when they are late or wrong. You will soon pay a high penalty for the IRS and you will probably lose some sleep.

How do you drop these blocks so you can focus on your business? Fortunately, there are solutions for employers in the form of professional employer organizations (PEOs), also known as employee leasing companies.

With these providers, you can outsource salaries, gain access to employee benefits, and greatly reduce employee compensation insurance. When someone else takes over these HR tasks, you have the freedom to work on sales, service, and growth for your business. Productivity seems to be improving in all business areas.

Further benefits of employee leasing services:

Manage employee compensation claims
Family management and sick leave law
Risk management
Direct deposit/check printing
Full staff management including security and regulatory compliance
401 (k) savings plan
Drug test

If you want to know the business benefits of HR outsourcing services, consider using a PEO broker to find the best solution. PEOs are all different and offer a variety of benefits and services. Their prices can vary dramatically. Brokers work with you to understand your specific business needs and access the best solutions for your business.