The 5 Best Looting Locations in Vikendi PUBG Mobile

It is known that in PUBG Mobile there are four maps to be used as a battleground namely Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok and Vikendi. Each map has different characteristics.

The 5 Best Looting Locations in Vikendi PUBG Mobile

And what's quite special is Vikendi. Vikendi is a snow-themed map. PUBG Mobile gamers arguably rarely find trees or grasslands to hide in this map.

Whereas, like other maps, Vikendi also has the best locations, where there are weapons or the best items of level 3. Reported from Ibtimen, here are the best looting locations in Vikendi. Anything? let's see below.


The first location is the Castle. Many consider Castle on this map to be almost similar to Pochinki in Erangel which has the best looting so many players come to that location.

After getting the best weapons, you can head to the tower to spy and shoot your opponent.


This location is perfect for gamers who like to play bars at the beginning of the match. Goroka is one of the many favorite attractions for PUBG Mobile gamers. High-intensity fighting is usually high-quality looting as well.


At this location, the players will find many buildings to hide in. Players can also go to the underground area to protect from a sniper. Unfortunately, the distance between buildings in this location is quite far.

Dobro Mesto

This place is a place that has fairly complete looting. Players can get good weapons and items before exiting the location. At this location, there is also a safe hiding place in a hut south of Dobro Mesto.


Volnova is a landing place full of the best booty.

Volnova offers some good booty that won't disappoint the players. This area is big enough to explore so players can certainly find enough booty to fill a level 2 backpack.

That's the 5 best looting locations for Vikendi PUBG Mobile dip.