The Best Combo Hero in Mobile Legends, Suitable for Push Rank!

Who is pushing rank on Mobile Legends? Well, to ease your path push rank, one strategy is to combo the hero.

The Best Combo Hero in Mobile Legends, Suitable for Push Rank!

Yes, a combo hero is to rely on two or more heroes in a match. Of course, with this hero with collaboration makes you more Over Power (OP), so it is easier to win.

Well, following a list of the best hero combos in Mobile Legends for push rank. Come on, see

1. Combo Johnson and Odette

The Johnson and Odette combos are the most commonly used by Mobile Legends players. Yep, because it can kill enemies very quickly.

Usually, the strategy used in Johnson's ultimate which is able to give the effect Crowd Control area, then Oddete will also issue an ulti that attacks the area.

In addition, Johnson's Ulti also can invite Odette to his car, so Odette can easily carry out attacks.

2. Diggie and Kagura combos

Who doesn't know if Diggie and Kagura can be a deadly combo?

Two heroes turned out to have combos that were very dangerous for the opposing team, especially when they were in late games.

Diggie has a skill that can give a slow effect to the opponent, then Kagura can directly hit the enemy with his combo skill.

3. Combo Grock and Lancelot

These two heroes can complement each other. Yes, Grock is known to have damage that is not too painful but has a very formidable defense. Meanwhile, Lancelot had a deadly attack, but his defense was weak.

The best combo strategy of the two heroes is when Grock issues a wall skill, then Lancelot must immediately attack the trapped enemy by issuing his ultimate. Guaranteed the enemy will directly sprawl.