The More Cool, Here's the Look of Fanny After Rework in Mobile Legends

In the Mobile Legends game, Fanny has become one of the most feared heroes, especially if the hero is a Pro player.

Can be called, Fanny became the most difficult hero to play in Mobile Legends. Therefore the pro-Fanny players are always respected because once he comes, he can finish off all opponents at once later.

Fanny has such nimble skill abilities, so don't be surprised if the Fanny players can easily get Savage on Mobile Legends. In this game Fanny has the advantage of Charge / Reap, this means it is able to provide continuous damage and be a perfect killer.

As an early generation, many say that Fanny's appearance is still too rigid or commonly referred to as '8 Bit'. After walking 11 Season, finally, now the appearance of Fanny was reworked by Mobile Legends.

Along with Moonton's plan to increase HD resolution in his Mobile Legends game, now the appearance of the hero Fanny has also been changed to HD so that it will make the appearance so neat again.

For the rework done on Fanny this time it was only limited to the appearance because for the skill that was owned by Fanny was still considered standard in Mobile Legends. Well, here we present the appearance of Fanny before and after the Rework in Mobile Legends.