The More Danger, These 3 Old Man of Mobile Legends Get Buff!

Mobile Legends game is known to have tons of heroes that gamers can choose from. There are also many types of heroes in the MOBA game, ranging from Fighter heroes, Tank heroes to Support heroes. Of course, each hero has its advantages.

Although they have advantages, there are also some heroes who are classified as weak. To overcome this, Mobile Legends usually provides buffs for these heroes.

As in the latest update on Mobile Legends, patch 1.4.08, there are some old school heroes who have been released for a long time. Although this hero is old school, there are still Mobile Legends gamers who use it. Yes, although not as much as before.

Therefore, in this latest patch that has been applied to the advance server, on August 23, 2019 yesterday, Moonton gave buffs to three old school heroes namely Cyclops, Gord, and Eudora.

Now, here are the details of the buff given by Moonton to these three old Legends Mobile Legends, let's see.


After being buffed by Moonton, the coefficient of magic steals from the Planet Attacks skill will increase 100 percent. This gives the opportunity for Cyclops to become a meta again.


The next old school hero who gets the buff is Gord. Yes for Gord there is a reduction in mana usage for the Mystic Injection skill by 30 for each level. Thus, this old Legends Mobile Legends hero can spam his skill 2 more effectively.


And the last is Eudora. This old school Mobile Legends hero will get the basic damage adjustment on the Electric Arrow skill from 260 * skill level 20 to 335 * skill level * 15. With this change, the damage produced from Eudora's skill 2 will get even worse.