There's New Content in the PUBG Mobile Lite Game, This is a Complete List

The light version of PUBG Mobile, the PUBG Mobile Lite game, was released in early August. Now, this light version has got new contents.

There's New Content in the PUBG Mobile Lite Game, This is a Complete List 

Reported by Phone Arena, some of the new content are themes, rewards, outfits, emotes, graph improvements, battle parameters, RPG accuracy, as well as adding bombing zones.

In addition to providing new content, developers will also release PUBG Mobile Lite to several countries, such as North America and Central America.

Currently, this game can be played in Russia, several regions in the Commonwealth of Independent Countries (CIS), Africa and Southeast Asia.

The PUBG Mobile Lite game is intended to be compatible with all devices. Especially for smartphones that have little RAM.

The game was developed with Unreal Engine 4 and is expected to reach all PUBG fans around the world.

Unlike the regular version, in the light version only contains 60 players and the battle is 10 minutes faster.

In addition, the game map is also made small to speed up the battle. If in the regular version the map size is 8 km x 8 km, then the light version is only 2 km x 2 km. The small map size is intended so that the smartphone is not burdened by graphics that are too heavy.

Another difference is that the server between PUBG Mobile Lite and PUBG Mobile regular is made different. That way the players in both games will not be able to meet.

This lightweight version is only 400 MB in size and can be played on smartphones that have RAM below 2 GB.