These 5 Mobile Legends Heroes Can Help You Achieve Mythic!

In the game, Mobile Legends achieving Tier Mythic is everyone's dream because this is the highest division in the game. But to arrive at this ranking is not an easy matter.

Well, this time we want to recommend Mobile Legends heroes that you can count on to reach Mythic tier even if you play solo.


The first Hero Mobile Legends you can count on is Hayabusa. As an Assassin Hayabusa not only has great damage but with the support of skill 2 that can be used to escape or attack the enemy is very useful.


Hero Mobile Legends is the most hated by many players you can make a mainstay to reach Tier Mythic. Yes, Selena with Role Mage / Marksman does have very poignant damage, especially the "Catfish" that she has a stun that is long enough, so it is very troublesome for your opponent.


Furthermore, there is a Mobile Legends hero with a look that is so beautiful that is Lunox. With the support of 2 modes it has, it will definitely help Lunox both defending and attacking opponents. And lucky, lately Lunox has rarely been picked or banned, so this is your chance.


Almost similar to Selena, this Mobile Legends hero is also a Mage / Assassin role with quite poignant damage. Yes, although controlling this hero is quite difficult, but if you manage to master it, it can help you to ride Mythic even though it's a solo player.


And the last hero who can help you reach Mythic tier in Mobile Legends is Claude. This Hero Marksman besides having sick damage is also equipped with blurry skills, so it is suitable for killing opponents quickly then running away.