These are the 9 Main Classes in the Chess Rush!

Chess Rush has nine classes that you can use and combine to achieve your victory. These nine classes have their strengths and weaknesses.

These are the 9 Main Classes in the Chess Rush!

In addition, the synergies generated if successful in obtaining these units also vary. Sometimes, if you don't understand this synergy, it will be difficult to find the right combo, right?

1. Warrior

Classes are usually categorized as tanks and are your main front line. Warriors have great HP characteristics with considerable damage. The effect of gathering a Warrior unit is adding armor to the Warrior unit!

2. Assassin

Assassin, as the name suggests, is a killer who is very reliable in eliminating enemy backlines. Assassin has the ability to directly target enemy rear lines with great damage. The combination of Assassin units will make this unit disappear and produce extra damage


Sorcerer is your main backline. Sorcerer is able to cast magic that is able to kill both many units at once or deal great damage to just one unit. Mage combinations can drastically reduce Magic Armor from enemies.

4. Riders

The rider is a unique class where each Knight unit has its own strengths. Some can deal great damage and also have a large defensive ability. The combination of the Rider will provide Shield and also Magic Resistance and

5. Hunter

Hunter is a backline class that is opposite of Sorcerer. Hunter uses Physical damage to deal with damage and has fast attacks. The combination of Hunter will add damage done by Hunter


Warlock is a unique and semi-support class. Warlock is able to do great damage while giving healing to his colleagues. In addition, a combination of several Warlock will provide a lifesteal effect on his colleagues.

7. Engineer

The engineer is a unique class. They have large HP like Warrior but have low defense. However, the Engineer is also equipped with large damage and also a cheap unit. The combination of the Engineer will provide regeneration effects to all Engineer units


Druids can be said to be a very unique unit. Their units also vary starting to be able to do tanks, heal, and also damage dealers. The combination of several Druids enables you to upgrade 1 unit to the next star with just the same 2 units.

9. Punisher

This is a very unique unit. Punisher is able to turn off the effects of enemy Demons and is also a very powerful unit. Uniquely, if you already have 2 Punisher, they are able to change the Demon units you have into a Punisher unit!