This is the Deathly Hero Duet in Mobile Legends, GG Really!

Moonton continues to release new heroes in Mobile Legends. Of course, the presence of this new hero to pamper Mobile Legends fans. Well, next time I will discuss the death duo hero in Mobile Legends.

 This is the Deathly Hero Duet in Mobile Legends, GG Really!

Each hero in Mobile Legends has different abilities. And, you can combine two different heroes to be more frightening.

Yep, this time I will share a deadly duo of a hero in Mobile Legends that you can use in every match. Guaranteed, you are really a GG!

Who is the hero death duo in Mobile Legends? See below.

1. Odette and Johnson

The combination of these two heroes is one of the deadliest combos. The two heroes have the extraordinary ability to be combined, namely the stun effect produced by Johnson's Rapid Touchdown with the vast reach of Odette's Ultimate Swan Song which is also able to provide magical defense penetration making it even easier to kill Core Tanks.

Optimizing the use of this combo hero is to ensure that Odette's Core Items are ready as executors. Don't forget Johnson's timing and position to crash, so you can optimize Team Fight by giving Stuns to five opposing heroes at once.

2. Angela and Claude

The combination of the hero with the role of Marksman with Support will certainly facilitate you in conducting Open War and Ganking when dealing with the opposing team.

In addition, the thickness of Claude that Angela has possessed will certainly increase his Movement Speed ​​by 20%, making it easier for this combo to finish off the opponent's Core Hero.

In doing this combination, make sure Claude already has 1-2 finished core items and use the Aegis Spell for protection when using Ultimate. In addition, Angela's ability to lock enemies with her immobility would also make it easier for Claude to bulldoze his opponents.

3. Grock and Gussion

The two heroes from V.E.N.O.M. This squad is a complete combination to lock in the opponent's movements and provide a shock therapy in the form of Stun effects that originate from his Ultimate.

In addition, the Knocked up effect produced by Ultimate Grock will prevent enemies from escaping from his Shadow Blade Slaughter.

Gussion fast mobility with his Incandescene or Ultimate can easily chase fleeing enemies and finish him in no time.

Well, that's the deadly duo of heroes in Mobile Legends that are usually used by professional teams when participating in large tournaments.