This is Leakage 5 Best Midlaner Hero

In Mobile Legends there are several location terms that are suitable for certain heroes to occupy. For example, Sideliner or upper and lower lane and Midlaner or middle lane. This time, we will discuss the 5 best Midlaner heroes in Mobile Legends.

This is Leakage 5 Best Midlaner Hero

Well, interestingly Midlaner itself, in fact, can not be controlled by all the heroes in Mobile Legends, because one fatal error will be Net Worth, the enemy overflows with its Gold.

This time I will discuss the 5 best Midlaner heroes who are one of the professional players of the team.
Curious as to what the best Midlaner hero is? Come, see below.

1. Gusion

This hero with Role Assasins / Mage still seems to be a favorite for speed killers who like to kill quickly.

Gusion's mobility has been buried through its skills which can easily slip between a crowd of enemy heroes to crush the core heroes of the opposing team.

In addition, the Ultimate can also be used as an initiation during the open war even though he is from Role Assasins. Please try it.

2. Selena

Still, from Role Assasins, a hero who has 6 skills and is able to transform to produce deadly Stun and Burst Damage is also suitable to occupy Midlane.

The main reason was that his lethal Combo Skill and Stun from his Abyssal Arrow could easily destroy an opponent in less than 2 seconds.

The key in using Selena is placing the correct Trap and using her stun skills to lock the opponent's Core Hero, okay?

3. Harith

Subscribed banned heroes in Tier Legend - Mythic seem to still be powerful and arguably one of the heroes with the motto 'Anti Nerf Nerf Club'.

Even though he has experienced some Nerf and his ability adjustments, his Age of Force still harbored horror for the opposing team who wanted to finish him off.

Because the mobility is very fast, deadly Burst Damage and Absorb produced by Skill 2 is a frightening weapon even for Pro players.

4. Lunox

We deliberately put this hero on a fairly high level, because Lunox has extraordinary abilities and skills through his Ultimate Dark & ​​Light which have different characteristics.

In addition, this ability of his Burst Damage cannot be held even by a Tanker. Only by relying on skills 1 and 2 only, Lunox can do Savage by calculating the count of fewer than 10 seconds.

In addition, the Trust also recommends that you learn more about using it's Ultimate Dark & ​​Light Stack in order to produce excellent performance.

5. Esmeralda

This is a hero that is a mainstay of pro players both in training in Rank mode with teammates and even used in this MPL Season 4, which will enter its fifth week.

Esmeralda's special ability with his Absorb Shield will certainly make it difficult for enemies to deal damage to Esmeralda.

Not to mention his Blink skill which can hit 5 heroes at once when close together makes Esmeralda become one of the Over Powered Midlanders.

Now that's the 5 best Midlaner hero player version you can try.