This Mobile Legends Hero in Rework Becomes a Severe OP!

Zhask Hero Legends Mobile Can Rework On Ultimate Skill

Rework is a thing that is often done by Moonton as a Mobile Legends game developer. This is usually done by Moonton to balance out a number of other hero skills that become meta so that their hero can be useful in later matches.

After some time reworking the Belerick hero, this time an old Mobile Legends hero gets reworked on his skill, this hero is Zhask who is included in the role Mage.

Zhask is the most annoying Mobile Legends hero since it was first released. Because he can issue a small monster and turn into a big with his ultimate skill. This little mosquito can deal hurt damage, especially in late games, making it very suitable for attacking opponents/towers later.

But over time this Mobile Legends hero is no longer useful because there are many ways on how to defeat it. The players don't care about Zhask's monsters, but instead directly attack Zhask to be killed, this way the monster will also die later.

If in the past this Mobile Legends hero could only issue large monsters in the ultimate skill, but now Zhask can take shelter or enter the monster to take cover while attacking.

What's annoying again, even though Zhask is already inside the monster, he can still move the monster's place as he wishes. In this way, the Mobile Legends hero will be difficult to kill, because even if the monster dies, Zhask will still be alive and his blood will not decrease at all.

Not yet known, when is the update or rework from Zhask when will it be released on the Mobile Legends original server, so for those of you who are curious we just wait for the launch time.