Tips and Tricks to Play Auto Chess Mobile

Auto Chess Mobile is a strategy game adapted from the DOTA 2 game. The game was originally present on PC, but ultimately this game is also present for the Mobile platform.

In this game, each unit has its own strengths and weaknesses. Knowing how to position your unit and which one will be used is a way to win the match and this will be discussed below. The following tips and tricks to play Auto Chess Mobile.

Adjust your unit's position correctly

Warriors and knights at the forefront are well suited to engaging in fighting the enemy directly and maintaining their attention. One of the best places to put it is at the very front of your board. After the round starts, there is a good chance that your opponent's unit will automatically summon the frontline units.

Also, pay attention to your rear line units, don't position them too far or they will be targeted by enemies on the loose. Make sure you have the unit in the right place and find your chances of winning.

Use tank-type units on the front lines

The things you need to remember in Auto Chess are the classes they have. Each unit has one of ten classes in the game, and they all have their own advantages.

For example, Warrior class units that are experts in close combat. Warrior class units usually don't deal too much damage, but they make up for it with high health and armor.

Having lots of Warriors will increase their armor. Other classes suitable for taking are the Mech and Knight classes. Both have stats similar to Warrior, and they can reduce the damage they receive.

Damage Dealers are the last

To be able to coincide with the frontline unit, your backline dealer damage must be the last to meet the enemy. Hunter can provide consistent DPS to your enemy, and Hunter stacking will make them all do more damage.

Warlocks and Mages do good magic damage from afar, but Warlocks have good stacking abilities that give life steals to them and all allied units. They match the Assassin and your frontline class.

Complete the unit with the right items

Sometimes when you defeat an enemy, they drop an item. Items will increase your base stats, and if you tap an item, you can see details about that item.

Try to match items with heroes that will be very helpful, for example, frontline tanks match items that increase their armor and HP, while damage dealers are best suited for items that increase their damage.

Assassin Unit

The Assassin class is probably the most difficult class in the game. These units are experts in sneaking up the rear lines and eliminating weaker units.

No matter where you play Assassin, when the round starts, they will step to the other side of the board and target the backline. If you are not ready, an Assassin can break up your entire team.

To avoid this, prepare your tank and if you see an enemy using Assassins, position one of the tank-type units next to your rear line. That way, if an Assassin jumps into your rear line, they will be quickly dealt with.