Tips on playing Barbarian Ala Rusher on Free Fire, Don't Just Hit!

Free Fire is one of the most popular games in Indonesia. Yes, in this game there are various characters that are adapted to the style of play of the players. Yep, starting from the player who likes to hide, until the player who has ambushed the enemy aka Rusher. Then, what are the tips for playing barbarian ala Rusher?

Tips on playing Barbarian Ala Rusher on Free Fire, Don't Just Hit! 

Well, for the Russel type itself many players are mistakenly interpreted as 'origin of the hit'.

This time I will share tips on playing barbaric as a rusher correctly from professional Free Fire player Imba Jr. What should you do?

1. Communication

Communication is a must for Imba Jr. The goal is to see the position and position of the playing strategy correctly.
The rusher must remain careful and comb the mines before the team is present at the site so that team members will not die. Always use the microphone to communicate about all team movements.

2. Flanking

The players who love Rusher apparently can not openly open the battlefield, you know. You must also be skilled in mastering sneak techniques in ambushing enemies.
In approaching enemies, you must rotate (flanking) before making an ambush at the right time.

3. Play Hide and Seek

Hiding in the right location is a moment that you must keep in maintaining the team. Finish off the enemy slowly even though the distance is very far.
Now, for close combat, you have to be smart in hiding so you can finish off enemies easily.

4. Master Aim's technique

Imba Jr. always advised that mastery in shooting techniques ranging from Scooping to Jump Shot is something that must be mastered by players to survive in various situations, especially a rusher.
Practice your skills through Practice Mode to maximize Aiming's abilities.

5. Bring enough equipment

Both solo and team play, equipment both Medkit and Ammunition are the main things in playing Free Fire.
Always count and use your ammo as well as possible and don't forget to bring the Gloo Wall to anticipate various things that are not desirable so that you can escape from enemy attacks.