Tips on Using P18C Pistol on PUBG Mobile

Who is the PUBG Mobile player who is upset when landing without getting a weapon? It must make you scared, especially if there are enemies chasing. Or sometimes just get a gun whose damage is less painful? Relax, the gun can also paralyze the enemy. One of them is a P18C pistol that has an auto-firing mode.

Pistol P18C di PUBG Mobile 

Well, this time I will discuss tips on using P18C weapons at PUBG Mobile.

1. Use auto firing mode

P18C pistol is a weapon that has two shooting modes, auto and single. Well, you should use auto mode when shooting enemies.

With this auto mode, bullets will come out faster and enemies will be easier to be disabled.

2. High firing rate

When you use P18C, it's best to use auto mode. Why? With auto mode, the weapon has a high firing rate. Of course, a high firing rate is very useful to knock out enemies.

3. Only used at close range 

P18C is a weapon that is only used for close combat. Do not use this weapon for medium range, especially in long-distance. It's definitely not useful.

4. Use attachment

The P18C pistol has several attachments that can be mounted. Like Muzzle, Sight, Magazine, and Foregrip.

Of course for this weapon to be stronger, you must use attachments, such as Extended Magazine to increase the number of bullets, Red Dot to make it easier to shoot, and Suppressor to muffle the sound of gunfire.