Tips on Using SK12K on PUBG Mobile, the Most Deadly Shotgun!

Who is a fan of the game Battle Royale PUBG Mobile? Have you used all the weapons in this game yet? Have you ever used SK12K? Very deadly shotgun weapon. This time we will discuss tips on using SK12K at PUBG Mobile.

Tips on Using SK12K on PUBG Mobile, the Most Deadly Shotgun!

SK12K is a weapon that has big damage. Another plus is that this weapon can shoot quickly.

1. Always use at close range

What you must remember when using an SK12K weapon is always use it at close range. Why at close range? Because if you shoot enemies at a distance, it's almost certain your bullets will miss.

2. Refill bullets quickly

One of the advantages of SK12K from other shotgun weapons is that this weapon can refill bullets very quickly.

So it is very suitable for you to use when doing close combat and at the beginning of a battle.

3. Keep the recoil

SK12K is a shotgun that doesn't need to be cocked to fire bullets. Yes, this weapon is semi-auto, so it can shoot quickly.

However, because it can shoot quickly, then you must be able to keep the weapon recoil. This weapon is very difficult to control because the recoil is very large.

4. Terrible when used indoors

SK12K becomes a very terrible weapon when used indoors. Yes, in a narrow place you can knock out enemies with just one bullet.

5. Can be used a lot of attachments

The SK12K weapon is a shotgun that can be used with many attachments, ranging from magazines, muzzle, and sights.