Tips to Win Booyah in Free Fire with Famas Weapons

Free Fire game players will definitely want to get Booyah every time they do battle. Now, to get the Booyah title in Free Fire, it needs to be supported by the best weapons.

 Tips to Win Booyah in Free Fire with Famas Weapons

One of the most popular weapons in Free Fire is the Assault Rifle (AR) type. Well, the favorite AR weapon itself is Famas.

Famas is a weapon that has a high level of accuracy and damage that is quite sick.

1. Use the right attachment

In order for Famas to become a terrible weapon, it must use the right attachment. For example, using Foregrip to increase accuracy and Muzzle to increase shooting range.

2. Suitable for mid to medium range

Famas are very well used for medium-range combat. But, this weapon can also be used for close combat.

3. Use the jump shoot technique when shooting

The use of jump shoot shooting techniques is best used when using Famas weapons. Especially for close combat.

4. Keep ‘PD’ when fighting with other types of AR weapons

When you do battle with enemies who also use AR weapons, don't be afraid. Yes, Famas is a weapon that has superior accuracy and great damage compared to other AR weapons.

5. Use Scope for long-range combat

Famas weapons can also be used for long-range battles. But, you need to use a scope to shoot enemies at a distance. The maximum scope you use is 4X because if the distance is above that distance, the damage is not maximal.