Upgrade Guide & Strategy Combo Hero - Chess Rush

When playing Chess Rush, you need to know the right Hero pairs quickly to determine the best strategy going forward. The first thing you must prioritize when selecting and placing a Hero is to immediately upgrade the hero to level 3 stars.

To have an X hero with level 3 stars, you need to have the same X hero with a total of 9 hero Xs. Be diligent about checking other player boards and see what hero they have. If the majority of players have X heroes, then don't choose that hero. Choose another hero so you have a chance of getting the same hero higher in the future.

Heroes with level 2 stars have far better strength compared to level 1 star heroes, especially when compared to level 3 star heroes (maximum). Make sure you have 1 or 2 tanks on the front (whatever the class of your hero is) and make sure the DPS hero (a hero with high damage) is in the back row.

If your opponent has enough assassin heroes, place one of your tanks in the back to accompany other DPS heroes to prevent the enemy assassin hero from killing your DPS hero.

Following are the suggested combination (Combo) classes and Hero races:

Human + Sorcerer
Hunter + Demon + Punisher
Elf + Dragon + Rider
Cyborg + Engineer
Hunter + Undead
Furry + Assassin

If you want a Life Steal (suck the blood of your opponent into the blood or a shield for yourself), make sure you place a Warlock class hero. If you have a sufficient number of Druid classes at the beginning of the game, you can make several tanks.

If the majority of your heroes play in Physical Attack and are not quick enough to attack, place the Goblin race to get the Attack Speed ​​buff. If you plan to play the Demon race hero, make sure you combine it with the Punisher class hero to get the best Combo.


Jelly is the most OP Hero race in Chess Rush. If Jelly appears, make sure you buy it right away! Jelly can transform itself into any Hero and then use it as a star level upgrade material.

If you have the same 2 heroes on the board or on the bench, you can combine Jelly to the relevant Hero to get a hero with a higher star level! For example, if you have 2 Hero X level 1 star, you can combine Jelly into the X hero by pressing and holding Jelly towards Hero X. Hero X will change to level 2 stars!