4 Reasons for Tier Epic to be the Hardest in Mobile Legends

In the latest season of Mobile Legends, the players' Tier will definitely be reset and players will have to fight back to raise the Tier. Well, one of the most difficult Tier to pass is Tier Epic. you could say this is the most blasted Tier.

 Tier Epic Mobile Legends

How many heroes have you bought to rise from this tier? There must be a lot, right?

Especially in Tier Epic, you have to deal with global top players, toxic players and the most frustrating is the AFK player.

Then, what is the reason Tier Epic is the most difficult in Mobile Legends? Come on, see the explanation below.

1. Origin player select a hero

In this Tier, there are usually a lot of selfish players who choose their favorite heroes, even though they are not included in the meta hero.

The choice of heroes is actually very important in this Tier because you have to really pay attention to enemy heroes and have to defeat which hero to use.

2. Many toxic players

Who often meets toxic players in this Tier? Come on, show your hands. in this Tier, there are many 'Songong' people who often scold team members.

Even though in this game requires team cohesiveness to win. If someone is upset with a toxic player and chooses to leave the game, the team will definitely lose and will continue to struggle in this Tier.

3. Carelessly banned enemy heroes

In this Tier, there are usually a lot of players who carelessly banned enemy enemies. The reason is that banned heroes are too OP.

However, the draft pick section is the most important to win. Choose the heroes that are played well and banned and also the team's composition to be balanced.

4. Many players chase the kill

In Tier Epic many players are still carried away with Tier Grandmaster. Yep, this player is more focused on killing rather than targeting the opponent's turret.