5 Easy Tips to Win at Battle Royale Call of Duty Mobile

PUBG Mobile has been the center of attention for the battle royale game on the mobile platform to date. However, all that will change because Activision has opened a beta for Call of Duty: Mobile for mobile devices.

Call of Duty Mobile (Gfinity)

Although Call of Duty Mobile offers more exciting and interesting gameplay, it's important to remember that the two games take a different approach. Yep, this game prioritizes tactics in battle.

For those of you who are interested in playing this game, I have prepared tips so you can win the first battle. Come, see below, reported by Mensxp.

1. Choose the Right Class

There are several classes in Call of Duty: Mobile and each class offer different capabilities. Of course, to win a battle you must have the right class according to the role you take. The following classes are available in this game:

Class that is expert in tracking enemies. Can issue Sensor Darts that show the enemy position on the map and be able to see enemy footprints.

Can issue bombs and call out zombies that attack enemies near you. Clown also has the ability to reduce the aggressive distance of enemy zombies.

The mechanic has the ability to summon EMP drones that are capable of issuing electromagnetic attacks. You also have special vision that shows vehicles, enemy traps, and equipment available.

This class is able to issue medic stations that heal your friends at a certain distance. You can also heal yourself and animate your friends faster than other classes.

Ninja is a specialist class of silent movements where it is equipped with a Grapple Gun that can be used to climb roofs and other buildings. He also has a Dead Silence ability that makes your movements soundless.

2. Take advantage of Existing Vehicles

Just like other battle royale games, Call of Duty has a very large map. Instead of walking you better use a variety of vehicles available.

The best vehicle you can use is a helicopter where you can attack your enemy from above. You can also go through the waterway, but you will be an easy target for sniper users.

3. Pay attention to Supply Drop and Beacon

For the battle royale game players, you must know how important Supply Drop is. Yep, Supply Drop itself contains a variety of weapons and items that can increase your chances of winning.

In addition, there is also Beacon which shows the location of Class Upgrade items. This item will strengthen your class's special skills.

4. Best Loot Location

At the beginning of the game, you have to go down in a place filled with loot. Don't let you start the game empty-handed. The best locations to get weapons and items are:

Nuclear Plant

5. Play in many folders

Well, finally, you have to play on many maps. Because you can learn and know strategic locations to aim at enemies or hide.

By mastering many maps, then you can easily achieve victory in Call of Duty Mobile.