5 Hero Fighter that Can Turn into a Tank in Mobile Legends

In Mobile Legends there are Tank heroes who have an important role in battle.Tank heroes are known to have high defense and lots of blood. But, apparently there are Fighter heroes who can transform into Tank heroes in Mobile Legends.

5 Hero Fighter that Can Turn into a Tank in Mobile Legends

these heroes can change roles to become Tank heroes. Well, who are you curious about? Come, see below.

1. Hilda

Hilda is a hero who has a fast regeneration. This is the advantage of Hilda which is like a tank that is not easy to lose blood.

In addition, Hilda also has a Blessing of Wilderness skill that can have speed when roaming.

2. Balmond

This hero fighter is very difficult to knock out. Yep, that's because the Bloodthirst skill can regenerate blood to kill minions.

Aside from that, the Ultimate Lethal Counter it also has makes it like a Tank hero.

3. Minsitthar

Minsitthar is famous for having a defense that is not easily defeated from the beginning to the end of the match. He is also able to give gold to his teammates.

4. Jawhead

Jawhead can be used as a Tank hero and is able to protect his friends. This hero also has skills that can throw themselves to the desired location and can cause stun.

5. Ruby

Ruby has a Spell Vamp skill that can regenerate her cell and keep on going. With these skills, Ruby also has a strong defense.

In addition, this hero also has Crowd Control which can attract easily and disrupt the opponent's defense.