5 of the most lively heroes in Mobile Legends! Very Hard to be Chased!

Who is upset with a hero who can run fast? Yes, these heroes can escape quickly and are difficult to pursue. 

Hero Lylia Mobile Legends

Well, curious who is the most agile hero in Mobile Legends?
Come, see below:

1. Lylia

The first agile hero is Lylia. This cute hero is actually very annoying. Why? Yep, Lylia has passive skills that make it able to increase movement speed by 15 percent and also every time you get Gloom to level up, then he also has an additional 5 percent movement speed.
These skills make it very agile and very difficult to pursue.

2. Grock

Grock has the ability of Emblem Support with Full Movement Speed, Rapid Boots, Item Roam, and the passive Ancestral Gift skill. All of this can make Grock very agile and difficult to pursue.
This hero is arguably a Tank that can move quickly like an Assassin.

3. Hilda

Hilda is also a Tank like Grock. He has many skills that can make him move very quickly to escape from his enemies.
In addition, he also has a Combat Ritual skill that can provide an additional Movement Speed ​​of 30 percent. This skill also makes it difficult for enemies to pursue.

4. Hayabusa

Hayabusa has several skills that support it to run fast, such as Escape and Ambush. This hero also has a Quad Shadow skill which is a thousand sprint moves.

5. Claude

Claude is a unique hero. He has a Battle Mirror Image that makes him able to avoid or approach enemies quickly.
This hero is also able to repeatedly switch places with the Holograms he has made.