Apex Legends Season 3 Released, There is a New Map of World’s Edge

Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts continue to update on Apex Legends. Yep, the proof is they will present Apex Legends Season 3.

 Apex Legends Season 3 (Respawn)

There's a lot of new content in Season 3, from the new character named Crypto, to a new folder called World’s Edge.

This folder called World’s Edge has a more colorful feel. because it combines high temperature areas filled with lava and low temperature regions filled with snow.

Reported by Polygon, at World’s Edge there is also a train that can be ridden by players. It is still unclear how the train works, but it can be concluded that such as World’s Edge will have a smaller area than King’s Canyon.

Season 3 titled Melt Down was released on October 2 yesterday. In addition, the Battle Pass from Season 3 has also been launched.

At Apex Legends Season 3 also presents weapons, skins and various new features. This was revealed from the two latest trailers.

Season 3 also offers some interesting new skins. Some of these are Lifeline's devil skin and Pathfinder's ice skin.

In addition, also introduced a new weapon in the form of a Charge Rifle that seems to give quite large damage once a shot.