Build the Hardest Hero Tigreal Item in Mobile Legends

Tigreal is one of the Tanker heroes who has Crowd Control ability. Even though Tigreal's hero has been hit, but this hero figure is still dangerous.

Hero Tigreal 

Well, Tigreal will also be very dangerous when using the right build item.
Next build the hardest item Tigreal hero in Mobile Legends. Come, see below:

1. Twilight Armor

This Twilight Armor can provide +1200 HP, +400 Mana and +50 Regen. Not only that, this armor also has a passive ability that can limit incoming damage to only 900 points.

2. Dominance Ice

Armor Dominance Ice can also give +500 Mana, +70 defense, and 10 percent critical chance reduction.

In addition, the passive ability of this armor can reduce movement speed by 5 percent, attack speed by 30 percent, and reduce 10 percent CD Reduction.

3. Cursed Helmet

Build items can provide +1200 HP and +25 magic defense. In addition, this item has a passive power of 1.5 percent magic damage and dame will increase 50 percent to the minions.

4. Immortaliy

This is the most important build item for Tigreal because it can provide +800 HP and +40 percent physical defense.

In addition, his passive ability can revive dead heroes by giving + 15 percent HP and his shield can absorb 300-1000 points of damage.

5. Athena Shield

The Athena Shield item can provide +900 HP, +56 magic defense and +20 regents. In addition, this item will be very useful to use in early games.