Microsoft Announces Early Access Date for the game Minecraft Earth

Minecraft Earth is one of the games developed by Mojang, which is awaited by Minecraft fans. First announced on May 17, 2019, Minecraft Earth will certainly be released next October. This information was delivered by Microsoft via online through the Minecon 2019 event.

Reported by Polygon, Microsoft explained that the release was not the final version of Minecraft Earth but was an Early Access for certain countries. If so, then you still need to be patient before this game is released globally.

"We will release Minecraft Earth early for a small area. After being able to provide good performance, we will add another region or country every day or week so that eventually the whole world," wrote Microsoft, as reported by Polygon.

The event also featured the latest footage showing the gameplay of Minecraft Earth. Well, for those of you who are curious, immediately see the video below, yes!

Later, Minecraft Earth will invite players to interact with the surrounding environment. You are required to collect various resources called 'Tappables' that will be found in the game. Similar to Minecraft, 'Tappables' will give you various items that can be used for games to design buildings in the game.

Not only that, but you can also invite other players to create a mini-sized building that will be enlarged, then placed in a real location. Of course, the map of the environment around you will change with the building of other players around you. Interesting, yes!

Although the technology is similar to Pokemon Go and Harry Potter: Wizard Unite, this game seems to try to bring a more varied playing experience. Apparently, Minecraft Earth by Mojang is focused on presenting a variety of content that requires players to explore with their own creativity rather than exploring the surrounding environment.

So what do you think about this game? Are you looking forward to playing it immediately?