(Mobile Legends) 5 of the most feared Hero Support

When compared with the Hero from other roles, the damage value generated by Hero Support is fairly small. As a result of these factors, some Mobile Legends players sometimes object if a partner picks Hero Support on their team.

(Mobile Legends) 5 of the most feared Hero Support

Even though it looks trivial, Hero Support can have a big influence on the game. A variety of unique skills that they have undeniably can have great use in team wins. Not a bit of Support hero who could even be a scourge for the opposing team.

What Hero Support Mobile Legends is quite scary if you go down to the Land of Dawn? Let's look at the list by ranking up to the best!

5. Angela

Behind her cute face, Angela has a guaranteed range of skills that will make the enemy overwhelmed. You see, most of the skills that he has are able to slow down the enemy's movements to make the enemy do not move at all.

His first skill, Love Waves, can cause a slow effect on the enemy. The effect was apparently not only in the first skill. The second skill, Puppet-on-a-String, can also have a slow, even immobilizing effect that can paralyze enemies for 1.5 seconds.
Angela's presence could make the enemy difficult to move freely.

4. Minotaur

Minotaurs are more often installed as a Tank during matches. For those of you who don't know, the Minotaur is actually a hybrid Hybrid Tank Hero. Although his role as a Tank is more dominant, the Minotaur has a variety of skills that enable him to support his teammates.

One of the skills that makes it very useful as a Hero Support is Motivation Roar. With these skills, the Minotaur can add 260 HP to himself and teammates around him. Coupled with knock-up effects and slow effects produced by the Minoan Fury skill in Rage mode. The enemy is guaranteed not to move.

3. Nana

Like the Minotaur, Nana is a hybrid Hero Support. If you look at all the skills he has now, Nana has the ability to be a more prominent Hero Mage. Even so, he was still equipped with enough skills to make enemies confused.

Among all the skills Nana has, Molina Smooch is the biggest scourge for the enemy. Obviously, because these skills can change the form of your opponent into a cat. Once the enemy turns into a cat, they can't use their skills or basic attacks at all. In addition, Molina Smooch has a slow effect on the affected enemy.

2. Diggie

After Angela, there is now a full Support Hero back on this list, namely Diggie. Although the damage it produces is relatively small, all the skills that Diggie has been proven to be effective in supporting her teammates.

His first skill, the Auto Alarm Bomb, can be very annoying for the enemy. You see, Diggie can spread bombs in various places, even in hidden places. In addition to its considerable damage, this bomb also has a slow effect on the enemy.

In addition to the Auto Alarm Bomb, both of their skills, Reverse Time, also have an annoying effect on the enemy. When your opponent is hit by this skill, the enemy will have difficulty running away because they will be pulled back to the designated place. Then, his ultimate skill, Time Journey, is really useful for teammates because it makes the people around him immune to the effects of opponent crowd control.

1. Kaja

Kaja was originally created as a hybrid Hero Support. But at the very beginning of his appearance, he was made a Hero Support hybrid Tank. Over time, his role was changed to Hero Support hybrid Fighter until now.

Among all the Hero Support in Mobile Legends, Kaja is still a subscription ban until now. His ultimate skill, Divine Judgment, makes Kaja feel very troublesome by the enemy. With her ultimate skill, Kaja can catch and pull one of the enemies. In addition, his passive skill, Wrath Sanction, can damage enemies from Kaja, even though they aren't directly affected by his basic attacks.

That's the line of Hero Support Mobile Legends that are considered quite scary in the Land of Dawn. Among the five heroes mentioned above, which one have you avoided the most?