(Mobile Legends) 7 Most annoying Crowd Control Types

In MOBA games such as Mobile Legends, there is one aspect of the game that is hated by the players. It's not a cheat, it's not a new Hero that is definitely OP like Esmeralda or X.Borg. The most exciting thing that all MOBA players will definitely feel is crowd control.

As the name implies, alias control crowd disable means the ability to control the crowd, whether it's a Hero, unit, or certain area. There are also many types. Some slow down their movements resist attacks until they have completely paralyzed the enemy.

Mobile Legends has many types of crowd control. The seven types below are arguably the most addictive. Let you understand the types and effects, let's look at the discussion of the ranking from the most ordinary to the slickest under this!

7. Slow
As the name implies, slow means the effect of slowing down enemy movements. This effect can be found in many Hero Mobile Legends skills. Examples of heroes known for their slow effects include the Ulti Johnson skill, Leomord 1 and 2 skills and Terizla, or the 2 Estes skill.

Slow can be said to be a trivial effect that seems trivial, but the effect is felt in battle. Especially if you want to run away, but no escape skills are available.

One of the most slow-moving heroes is Ulti Johnson's skill. Not only stun when hit, but the collision effect also produces a slow enough. The combination of damage, stun, and slow also really makes the "victim" die of lice despite efforts to save themselves.

6. Silence
In the MOBA world, silence has termed the ability of crowd control which makes enemy skills disabled. That is, when exposed to this status, the enemy cannot bring out his skills. However, the victim can still attack with Basic Attack or move.

In Mobile Legends, there are only two heroes who have this ability. Both are Hero Assassins, namely Helcurt and Natalia.

Helcurt can be said to be the most dangerous Hero silence. The reason is, he has two silence effects from his passive skill and 1. That is, Helcurt can make the enemy "clam up" twice. If you get hit both, the silence duration is quite long, which is 3 seconds.

Silence can be said to be the most annoying disable effect for Mage users. Because Hero Mage is very dependent on skills to survive. A time lag of 3 seconds without being able to use skills is considered very long for the Mage. Therefore, if the pilot is skilled, Helcurt could be the most GG Mage killer in battle.

5. Immobilize
A handful of Mobile Legends players still cannot distinguish between immobilizing and stun. For that, KINCIR will explain in advance what immobilize.

In the universe MOBA, the effect of immobilizing makes the enemy unable to move for a few moments. However, unlike stun, immobilized victims can still attack with basic attacks or issue skills.

Although it can still attack, many players are not aware when immobilized. The result, they were resigned when exposed to this status. In fact, a little attack when exposed to immobilize can make enemies think twice.

There are several heroes who have an immobilized mechanism on their skills. Call it Hanabi and Cyclops with their ultimate skills, and Odette with their 2 skills.

4. Morph
In other MOBAs, this effect is known as hex or transform. Enemies affected by this effect will change shape. Even though you can still move when you change, you can't attack or issue skills. Your Movement Speed ​​has also become very slow.

The only Hero Mobile Legends with morph abilities is Nana with her 2 skills. You will turn into rabbits when you are hit by this skill.

Although it is fairly easy to avoid, it will be very annoying if you are exposed to this skill, especially when the team fight. In addition to the damage that is quite painful, this skill also reduces the victim's Magic RES by 25%.

3. Stun
As already explained above, stun is a "different twin" from immobilize. If immobilize only makes the enemy unable to move, stun really paralyzes the enemy so he can't do anything.

A hero who is famous for his annoying stun effects besides Johnson is Selena. Using his 2 skills, this Hero Mage can make enemies die from ticks for up to 3 seconds.

Even so, stun is not really insurmountable. You can still cancel the effect with Battle Spell Purify or anti crowd control skills like Ulti Diggie and Valir.

2. Knock
This disables effect is actually not much different from stun. Both of them paralyze the enemy. The difference is, the knock effect makes the enemy paralyzed while moving, whether it is pushed (knockback) or thrown (knock-up or airborne).

There are other things that make this effect more special than stun. Some skills like Ulti Claude or Aldous cannot be stopped with stun. However, skills with knock effects such as skill 1 and Ulti Chou, or skill 2 Valir and Moskov, can cancel the effect.

Skills with a pull mechanism such as Ulti Kaja and the skills of 1 Franco and Minsitthar can also be categorized as knock effects. Tigreal and Akai's ultimate is also in the knock category.

Even so, the knock effect has the same disadvantages as stun. Both can be canceled with debuff capabilities.

1. Suppressed
Not a stun, not a knock, apparently there is still a much more dangerous disable the effect. Yep, the intended effect is suppressed. The mechanism is actually no different from stun. Suppressed enemies will be completely paralyzed.

What makes suppressed ranked first is its status which cannot be "cured" with the debuff effect. In fact, Purify was completely unable to hold it.

This effect is the pride of Franco's "Papa" because he is the only hero with suppressed ability. Once hit by the ultimate, the enemy is completely hapless until just waiting to die.

Just for information, Kaja was blessed with this effect at the beginning of its release. However, because it was considered too OP, the disabling effect on the ultimate was changed to knock. Kaja's Ulti can now be canceled with Purify or other debuff effects.

You need to know, actually there are still other crowd control effects that are not mentioned. Call it taunt (Gatotkaca), charm (Vexana), disarm (Masha), or grounded (Minsitthar). However, the seven effects above can be said to be the most annoying and have a greater influence.