(Mobile Legends) GG Tips for Using Masha

Masha is a Fighter with a high amount of HP. He has three HP bars which make it quite difficult to conquer. Masha's presence in the Land of Dawn brought a new style of play, which is objective combat.

(Mobile Legends) GG Tips for Using Masha

In addition, Masha has the main strength in achieving high damage. This damage achievement depends on the amount of enemy HP that it targets through the Wild Power skill. With this power, Masha can kill turtles and lords very quickly.

In this article, I will give some tips that you can apply while playing using Masha. Please refer to the row of tips below!

1. Increase Armor

Having three blood bars at the same time makes Masha a dream semi-Tank hero. However, it turns out, thick blood is not a guarantee of his ability to survive.

The condition occurred because Masha did not have enough armor to withstand the onslaught of attacks from the enemy. Thus, the amount of blood can be reduced drastically in a short time.

To anticipate this problem, Masha can use several items that can increase the achievement of his armor, such as Athena’s Shield, Immortality, or Blade Armor. By obtaining a high level of armor, enemies will find it very difficult to penetrate the last bar.

2. Tactical in Using Life Recovery

Masha who has an abundant amount of blood has a high need for regenerating HP. Because, if he has a low regeneration rate, it will be very difficult for him to replenish his blood fully.

This makes Masha very difficult to adapt and anticipate any enemy attack attempts. So from that Life Recovery skill can be said to be a suitable ability for him.

The fourth skill is useful for increasing 80% of Masha's blood instantly. However, it should be noted, that Life Recovery skills cannot be used when you fight, including attacking, being attacked, and using skills.

Broadly speaking, Life Recovery is Masha's key skill for survival. You also must know when to attack and must retreat so that this skill can be optimal. If you feel you are no longer able to withstand the onslaught, that means you have to retreat.

Why back off? Because Life Recovery skills can not be used when Masha is fighting. Therefore, make sure you don't get damaged for a few seconds after running away.

After a few seconds, you can use Life Recovery skills. This is where you must advance again to return to attack the enemy. This situation is also beneficial because of the blood of the enemy that you have paid in installments, while your own blood is full again.

By optimizing its use, we can make Masha difficult to kill and can raise her blood quickly without having to return to base.

3. Wisely Use Wild Power

Masha has a relatively high DPS achievement. That is because they help of the Wild Power skill can increase damage equivalent to 3.5% of the target's HP.

This makes it very easy to finish off several enemies with relatively high HP achievement. However, it should be noted, as long as the Wild Power skill is active, he will lose 1.5% HP every second.

Wild Power is the main key for Masha to get high damage achievement. Although paid with HP, Wild Power is very useful to finish off enemies or objectives quickly, such as Turtle, Lord, or turret.

However, as players, we also need to be wise in using Wild Power. In addition to attacking, you can use this skill when running away, with a record that there is still plenty of blood left.

4. Split Push Is the Key

Masha is perfect for an effective and efficient push. Armed with a high level of damage, he can easily and quickly finish off minions and destroy enemy turrets. These advantages can be an opportunity to steal the momentum of the game.

Keep in mind, in doing split push, Masha will make the team lose strength on the battlefield. However, if the calculations and momentum are right, Masha can actually steal some important turrets that can change the battle's momentum.

After all, you have to understand Masha's skills that are very much in tune with this strategy. In addition, the absence of skill areas makes it less effective in team fights. Therefore, the split push can be said to be a step that you must take while fighting.

5. Aim for Game Objectives

One of the game strategies that Masha's players must really master is game objectives. As mentioned above, he can easily take battle objectives, such as Turtle, Lord, or turret.

However, aiming for an objective game is not an easy matter. Moreover, if we are not able to read the opportunities and conditions of battle.

In playing the objective, we need to arrange a number of battle priority scales. The first priority is the objective of the fight, while the second priority is to achieve kill or gold achievement. With this strategy, Masha can indeed destroy the enemy's defenses and cut down the turret.

However, it should be noted, Masha will not be able to get a lot of space and is often a top priority for the enemy to kill. However, don't worry, if we are able to read battle maps and have a very good team, this is not a serious enough obstacle.

As a Fighter, Masha has the main power in achieving a large HP and a high level of damage. This can be optimized to win with objective game strategies. Thanks to these abilities, he can become a Fighter who is relied on in battle lines.