(Mobile Legends) Stories of Devils in Shadow Abyss!

Many parties intend to master the deepest secrets of the Land of Dawn in Mobile Legends. Some of them are willing to walk far and face other characters to be the strongest. Not to miss a lot of evil characters, namely the devils who inhabit Shadow Abyss.

Curious who the devils who roam in the Shadow Abyss and what is the purpose? Check out my narrative below, let's!

Dangerous Inner Trench!

The word abyss can mean a deep trough or chasm. Like other dark areas, this location is considered haunted where some who had come to him will not come back again.

The location of the Shadow Abyss is said to be in the southern part of the Moniyan Empire where the Twilight Orb was the last known. The existence of a kind of portal that connects the devils with the Land of Dawn is said to arise thanks to a call from the Twilight Orb.

Although this abyss is said to be very dark there is a base where bloodthirsty devils lurk from the darkness. Over time their presence continues to grow. It seems that there is a kind of mystical power that makes them continue to grow over time.

Damned Lord of Hell

In Shadow Abyss it is said that there is a seal, aka the place where the most dangerous creatures of demons are imprisoned. The Lord of Light descended directly to lock down this demon to stop making destruction. Unfortunately, over time this seal is said to be getting weaker so that the devils are finally able to regain Shadow Abyss.

It is not clear who the devil is locked in this dark ravine. In the story, Mobile Legends gave the name Abyss Dominator as the figure of the ruler of Shadow Abyss. It seems like he can create demons to give dark power to anyone who follows his orders.

The Hero Characters Bound to Shadow Abyss

The presence of Shadow Abyss was told quite vocally when Mobile Legends released Selena. This hero is told as the daughter of Dark Elf who was sacrificed to Shadow Abyss. Instead of dying to be devoured by demons, Selena managed to embrace the dark forces and is now the deadliest weapon ever owned by Shadow Abyss.

Besides Selena, Argus, Hellcurt, and Moskov are told as three heroes who fall into this dark abyss. Argus managed to absorb the power of the Abyss who is now strengthening his sword while Hellcurt and Moskov sought dark forces and voluntarily plunged directly into the Abyss Shadow Trench.

Although Abyss Dominator is told as the most violent character who resides in this hell, it turns out that Shadow Abyss has the figure of a Queen and King. Alice is told as the Queen of Blood while Thamuz is the demon king with the power of fire.

It is unclear whether Thamuz is the Abyss Dominator figure told or not, but it seems that he is one of the Hero Mobile Legends characters who has the darkest appearance.

Some time ago, Mobile Legends presented Dyroth as the newest Fighter character. Apparently, this character is told as the son of Abyss Dominator. It seems that Dyroth is a sign that the ruler of hell will soon surface!