PlayTest: Gaming with the LG PF1000UG Projector!

Not too familiar, have strong skepticism, and have never seen it as a reliable alternative to display replacement, our lack of knowledge regarding projector products on the market indeed creates an irrational sense of "anti". As the saying goes, "don't know then don't love", we immediately positively welcomed LG's offer to try out one of their projector products - the LG PF1000UG. This is an opportunity to prove with our own eyes and heads how far current projector technology has gone and whether it can emerge as a capable gaming alternative.

Interestingly again? LG never positioned the projector we tested this time - the PF1000UG as a "gaming" projector. The concise form and variety of features that he carried were actually more encouraged for the convenience of enjoying movies wherever you want or even for something more productive, such as product showcases in your business to the presentation process in front of clients for example. But on the other hand, curiosity drives us to keep testing it in the gaming activity itself. It does not come with HDR or 4K features, but it still comes with features like a 60Hz refresh rate which, at least, ensures one aspect of comfort is achieved.

So, how about the thrill of gaming using this LG PF1000UG Projector? Why did we end up falling in love with him? This PlayTest session will help you get a little picture of the sensation of playing by using this one product.

Best Features

Using the projector as a display always opens up one big problem that makes the scenario never flexible - spatial design. As we know, most projectors require a long enough range to create a giant screen effect while maintaining the visual acuity they should. For gamers who have a small room, this option is never rational. Strengthened by the "projector lamp" which is also often rumored to be easily damaged and must be replaced periodically, the sense of antipathy towards the projector to enjoy multimedia content especially gaming is getting stronger. We include gamers who had been in this position. But our view seems open after trying this LG PF1000UG.

Indeed, compared to a television that you can just put on the table, the LG PF1000UG does need certain configuration and preparation. One for sure? The surface or wall is wide enough without disturbing objects and the like to enjoy the super large screen that it can produce. We also recommend preparing your additional external audio device as compensation for the LG PF1000UG default speaker which, unfortunately, will not fulfill what you want. There is an option to use a jack or USB port like the one provided.

As we use it and learn about the advantages of this projector, there are at least four things that we highlight as its main advantages:

Ultra Short Throw

transferred to the shooting room that you have provided.
Did you know that the projector is not always a machine that just shoots light forward? That the concept that requires a large and wide space is apparently not the only product that you can get on the market? A more concise solution offered by the LG PF1000UG via the Ultra Short Throw concept he was carrying. What is that? With a smaller form, instead of shooting the image directly to the front, this projector actually shoots it backward. The picture is greeted with a magnifying glass that is designed so that it is forwarded to the firing wall you have chosen to achieve the same effect. Such a system allows you to have a small room (like our example room) while enjoying the super large screen of the LG PF1000UG. There is no need for a room measuring a few meters just to make it a home entertainment solution.


It does not support HDR or 4K features, but the fact that it can handle refresh rates up to 60Hz is certainly a temptation that is difficult to resist. The same reason that instead of treating it like a projector in general, we are actually curious about the gaming performance it offers. Refresh rate like this means allowing games that run at 60fps to move as smoothly as they should. We ourselves tried Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 on PlayStation 4 with it and found no significant problems. The sensation of playing it is the same as when we tasted the same game on our LED television.

30,000 hours

One of the biggest fears of using a projector as your gaming display base, aside from the seemingly unavoidable power problem, is the durability of the lighting itself. There is a fear that along with your intense gaming session, you will end up consistently having to spend money to replace the lamp. This makes your gaming hobby more "expensive" and no longer rational. The good news? Although we did not have enough time to try it, LG claimed that the durability of the LG PF1000UG lamp could reach 30,000 hours. If you are a hardcore gamer who spends at least 10 hours of game/day, this means you don't need to think about this lighting problem for at least the next 8 years.

2 HDMI slots

Its compact form and does not carry the name "gaming" at all might make many of you pessimistic that it will be used as your main display. But LG comes with an extra surprise - that this compact hardware also has 2 HDMI slots in it that allow you to connect your two modern gaming devices with it. We chose Playstation 4 and Nintendo Switch which incidentally are supported by more rational wireless controllers for long gaming distances and replaced both with no problems. The LG PF1000UG comes with a remote and features similar to LG televisions so far, making it easy for you to access the features and replace the HDMI inputs you need.

No Need Big Space!

As we talked about earlier, as gamers who are not very familiar with and follow projector technology, skepticism is indeed present to welcome the presence of the LG PF1000UG in the office. There are many bad stories of how projector products that do not carry the name "gaming" in them come as a bad, underexposed, washed-out display, which ultimately presents its own trauma for interested gamers. The good news? Try directly LG PF1000UG as if opening eyes related to current projector technology. That in the right hands, all these negative assumptions and prejudices are not proven at all.

We even present a relatively simple setup. Utilizing a small corner in a room that is completely uncoated and the like and relying only on a cement wall that happens to be painted white, we immediately maximize this LG PF1000UG. How to use it is also simple. All you have to do is connect your device with the existing HDMI cable, which in our case ends with the Playstation 4, and it's ready to use. It does not require great distances because of its nature as an ultra-short-throw projector, we only need a distance of about 33-34 cm from the wall to get a screen of approximately 100 inches. And he ended up with amazing quality.

As we discussed earlier, this Ultra Short Throw technology makes the image shooter lights backward, firing it at a magnifying convex screen, before pointing it at the shooting room you provided previously. With these conditions, instead of like a projector that requires a distance of meters to be able to perform optimally, the LG PF1000UG only requires tens of centimeters to reach the largest screen size it can offer. For gamers who have small and limited space, this is certainly the most rational alternative, especially for those of you who have always dreamed of gaming activities on a super large screen.

Seductive Gaming Display Alternative!

Turning off the lights and making the conditions of the room as dark as we can, the images produced by the LG PF1000UG are countless. Appear no different from when you play it on your gaming display screen, of course from a certain distance given the large screen size it offers, a direct testimony about the claims of contrast ratio and lumens that he injected in the list of specifications. It looks sharp, carries the right color while maintaining all the details you might need. Up to this point, it was not difficult for us to directly photograph these qualities using a mobile camera while looking for clear photo angles given their large size.

There is an "Edge Adjustment" feature to adjust each corner of the screen to reach the square shape you want.
Through the included remote, you can use the LG PF1000UG like LG's LED television so far. You can adjust the "Picture" settings and use a variety of pre-sets while noting that each of these configurations does have a big hand to determine what quality of images you get. Meanwhile, if the flat space you use to shoot this image ends unevenly and needs extra adjustments, the LG PF1000UG also injects an "Edge Adjustment" feature to adjust the vertical and horizontal position of each corner of the image to get a rectangular shape, as close as possible, to what you need. If not focused? Take it easy, there is a manual wheel-shaped arrangement in the center of the product.

Image sharpness and color when in a bright room.
One of the complaints and other fears, of course, leads to input lag. Fear that apart from the outside and the sharpness of the resulting image, it turns out that it cannot be relied on to play competitive games because input lag can be a risk. We are happy to prove that this is not something you should worry about at all. Try it directly in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 which is, of course, synonymous with super fast and intense melee combat. You can see how the game will translate the shooting and aiming shots that we do with DualShock 4 with no delay at all, responsive, and as fast as he can despite the fact that we use this LG PF1000UG....

One of the complaints and other fears, of course, lead to input lag. Fear that apart from the outside and the sharpness of the resulting image, it turns out that it cannot be relied on to play competitive games because input lag can be a risk. We are happy to prove that this is not something you should worry about at all. Try it directly in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 which is of course synonymous with super fast and intense melee combat. You can see how the game will translate the shooting and aiming shots that we do with DualShock 4 with no delay at all, responsive, and as fast as he can despite the fact that we use this LG PF1000UG.

One additional "feature" that deserves to be discussed from the gaming side is the fact that this projector also supports the 60Hz feature as a refresh rate, which makes games at 60fps run with the speed and comfort it should. Test several games like this, including P.T. (which we regret because it ends super scary when played with a screen of this size), it does run on the framerate it should be. So game consoles that offer this kind of configuration will still be able to comfortably play with your LG PF1000UG without problems.

But of course, enjoying the LG PF1000UG does end with "Terms & Conditions in effect". Despite the fact that the super-duper large screen that he can produce in such a short distance leads to stunning, you still have to look at it from a distance far enough to feel the sharpness of the picture and of course, capture the overall vision to the fullest. Therefore, for gaming activities, wireless peripherals that allow you to play from a considerable distance such as consoles, especially from the support of the DualShock 4 controller and Joy-Con from Switch, for example, are the best alternatives. For those of you who want to use a computer with a wired keyboard and mouse, of course, have to think about and consider the issue of viewing distance to make sure you are not in a position that is too close and fail to enjoy the LG PF1000UG's large screen as it should.

But regardless of the conditions on this one, our LG PF1000UG testing process did indeed end up as a surprising and fascinating experience. That a projector of this small size and super short shooting range can produce images that are not only sharp but also produce the right color at the same time. LG may not sell this projector as a "gaming" product, but the features it pairs have turned out to make it suitable to be an alternative display for your gaming activities. Features like 30,000 hours of lamp life also ensure economic value for intense gaming action.


What can be concluded from the PlayTest with this LG PF1000UG? That his presence is enough to keep our eyes open. That exists in this world, a projector project that not only does not need large space to be maximized in order to achieve a large screen at short distances but at the same time maintains the sharpness of images and details.

Everything was done without much preparation, only requiring a white cement wall without extra configuration. Supporting features such as the 60Hz refresh rate, for example, make it reliable for competitive games though. And of course, we haven't talked about other features which will certainly be more optimal in multimedia content or productive activities though. If you have to talk about shortcomings, it looks like audio quality that is not too good can be used as notes. But of course, with the included jack and USB ports, there is always an option to use your external peripherals.