PlayTest: Gaming with Omen by HP - 15-dc0037tx!

Forget about HP's decision to retain names with codes that are almost hard to remember, even for their gaming lineup - Omen by HP is back in the Playtest article this time. One thing is for sure, their policy to ensure that there are product variants to meet the needs and budget of so many gamers has so far become a successful strategy to make Omen by HP's popularity skyrocket. At a glance, you might feel that we have had time to discuss and discuss Omen by HP - 15-dc0037tx in the past, but you might be mistaken for it as Omen by HP 15-dc0036TX which does come with a lower specification. The variant that we will discuss in this article - Omen by HP - 15-dc0037tx carries better specifications and features.

If the previous series we discussed tried to try their luck by "only" injecting NVIDIA GTX 1050 Ti paired with a 144Hz monitor for more comfortable eSports comfort but at an affordable price, Omen by HP - 15-dc0037tx comes with more qualified specifications to overcome even the newest AAA games. Not only that, but it also injects G-Sync features for display technology, along with a 144Hz refresh rate that makes it ready for any eSports game you throw. But with the power injected by HP here, it looks like there won't be a single eSports game that will make you inconvenient.

This Playtest article will be aimed at seeing the quality of the game as you can anticipate using Omen by HP - 15-dc0037tx, not only in esports games but also the latest AAA game releases with two approaches - see the framerate that can be offered at the quality of the best graphic settings of each game and whether this hardware allows it to achieve 144fps framerate which is certainly optimal on the 144Hz screen it offers. Of course, it must be remembered for some esports games that are already known to be optimal in Omen by HP 15-dc0036TX certainly won't be difficult to be subdued Omen by HP-15-dc0037tx which is armed with GTX 1060 6GB.

So, what features are offered by Omen by HP - 15-dc0037tx? What are the best interesting features that are interesting to discuss and even make the price that he stretches look so tempting? This PlayTest will discuss it deeper for you!

Best Features

One of the cool features that accompany the 144Hz screen offered by Omen by HP - 15-dc0037tx is G-Sync technology from NVIDIA. The 144Hz screen has indeed become the perfect companion for G-Sync technology. With such a high refresh rate, G-Sync technology is able to handle the problem of Image Tearing, Stuttering, and Input Lag to the Frame Rate of 144fps. On a 60Hz screen, the benefits of G-Sync technology will only feel its benefits to a Frame Rate of 60fps only. ESport games will indeed benefit from G-Sync technology that can operate up to 144fps Frame Rate. A high frame rate that makes the movement of the game animation smoother in the can, without the need to deal with the symptoms of Input Lag, Stuttering, and Image Tearing that interfere with player performance. Of course, any game will be able to feel the benefits of the G-Sync technology on the 144Hz screen which makes the experience while playing the game more perfect.

G-Sync itself is still positioned as a premium class "screen" technology. The special thing that HP has done with Omen by HP-15-dc0037tx is that it offers this feature, with a 144Hz monitor, at a price that is still relatively rational. Special again, the screen used using IPS panels that make the eye can better enjoy the visual quality presented by the game. You can judge after knowing the price later.


Not only supports G-Sync technology, Omen by HP - 15-dc0037tx also supports other screen technologies from NVIDIA namely Fast Sync. This technology is available exclusively on GeForce GTX 10 Series "Pascal" graphics cards. Not only that, Fast Sync technology can only be active if the graphics card component is directly connected to the screen or in the case of a gaming laptop, NVIDIA Optimus technology may not be active. Given the active G-Sync technology, you can be sure the graphics card and screen components are connected directly to Omen by HP-15-dc0037tx.

In simple Fast Sync, technology makes the symptoms of Image Tearing still disappear even though the Frame Rate exceeds the Screen Refresh Rate. This technology takes advantage of the condition of V-Sync Off as well as V-Sync On. The Input Lag level can be pressed as low as possible like the V-Sync Off condition but Image Tearing symptoms do not occur like the V-Sync On condition. Fast Sync technology would be ideal if gamers would use an additional screen or large-size television to play games. Especially if the additional screen or television does not have G-Sync technology.

144 FPS in Many eSport Games

Seeing the actions of Omen by HP - 15-dc0036tx (GTX 1050 Ti) before in eSport games, Omen by HP - 15-dc0037tx will certainly be better equipped to handle most modern eSport games. Hardware configuration is more capable to make Omen by HP - 15-dc0037tx easily reach Frame Rate of 144fps. ESport games like CSGO, Overwatch, Fortnite, Rocket League, League of Legend, Point Blank or the like are able to run at 144fps with stunning visual quality. The 144Hz screen also makes every Frame produced by the game can be presented perfectly to gamers.


Finding a gaming notebook that understands that SSDs are an indispensable need for a super comfortable and smooth gaming experience isn't easy, especially if we talk about notebooks offered at rational prices. One of the enchanting aspects of Omen by HP-15-dc0037tx is to adapt to these needs, especially in the midst of increasing data space requirements for each release of the latest AAA game that seems ready to seize it. With NVGB 256 GB SSD support like this, you can load several large class games for smoother loading and more qualified gaming experience. Or you can make it a special room for your competitive esports games to ensure that at the very least, your winnings won't be affected by technical problems.

16 GB DDR4

Already powered by specifications such as processor and VGA that are counted qualified to handle most AAA games available on the market today, both for single players or competitive, Omen by HP-15-dc0037tx also provides extra other components that are indeed the "standard" needs to ensure that each of these games can run at the recommended setting level. That's right, by directly providing 16 GB of DDR4 memory from the sales package. This means that the price you pay includes more than enough memory price while meeting the demands of modern games today. A combination and a decision which, of course, deserves to be appreciated.

So, what about the other specifications? Here are the "innards" offered by Omen by HP - 15-dc0037tx:

Processor: Intel Core i7 8750H
RAM: 16GB DDR4 2666 MHz
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB GDDR5 (Not the Max-Q version)
Storage: 256GB SSD PCIe + 1 TB 7200 RPM SATA
Screen: 15.6 Inch Full HD IPS 144Hz with G-Sync

With the strength he has, Omen by HP - 15-dc0037tx can rationally bulldoze many of the latest release games easily, including playing them at the highest visual quality with framerate that is still comfortable (above 60fps). Almost all competitive games that have comparatively light visualization quality, especially compared to the latest AAA games, certainly won't be the topic of our test this time considering the results are already counted clearly without the need for data at all. We will release one or two competitive games from different genres to give a little comparison, but more focused on AAA games that are currently popular.

Battlefield V

With its 1060 6 GB technology, Omen by HP - 15-dc0037tx is not designed to "remove" the real-time ray-tracing technology from NVIDIA which indeed makes Battlefield V with the Frostbite Engine as a guinea pig. But this one graphics card is actually already qualified enough to make your gaming experience still spoil your eyes without having to sacrifice a lot of performance on the gameplay side. With the two attractions that it offers, we certainly test separate single-player and multiplayer modes that it offers. The single-player scenario that we chose was "Tirailleur" which is more linear with multiplayer mode left to the Conquest's rotation system itself.

For multiplayer mode, you can use Omen by HP - 15-dc0037tx to play Battlefield V in the "ULTRA" setting right to the right with framerate quite comfortably. Although it varies depending on how densely the area is rendered, rotation of at least three maps shows that this massive battle mode can be played with a framerate of around 49 - 57fps in the best visual settings you can get.

You who feel this framerate is not enough to be able to change the setting to MEDIUM for consistent content at 60fps. If you still feel unsatisfied, there is always an option to change the settings to the left LOW stuck, which still provides good visualization thanks to the optimal Frostbite Engine while enjoying games at around 80fps. The question now, can Omen by HP-15-dc0037tx offer 144fps to maximize its 144Hz monitor in this multiplayer Battlefield V? Unfortunately no. Even when we position the LOW setting at 720p at once, the framerate still runs only around 80 fps, slightly higher than the LOW at 1080p.

As for the single-player mode with the "Tirailleurs" scenario, Omen by HP - 15-dc0037tx shows a performance that is not much different. ULTRA stuck right around 55 fps, LOW 1080p around 70 to 80fps, while a significant increase was felt at LOW + 720p compared to multiplayer mode, which turned out to be able to touch numbers up to 100fps. But in both of these scenarios, it remains impossible to reach 144fps and utilize its display technology optimally. But at least, framerate fluctuations like this will not cause problems thanks to the existing G-Sync technology.


As one of the most serious competitive games we chose to test Omen by HP - 15-dc0037tx, what this gaming notebook can achieve is of course representative to be compared to other competitive esports games that have lower visualization or are famous for demanding lighter specifications than with MOBA concocting Valve for Steam. Based on Source 2, DOTA 2 performs optimally on Omen by HP - 15-dc0037tx.

Read it as the default setting, you will immediately be able to play DOTA 2 at its best quality while enjoying the convenience of the 144Hz technology offered by Omen by HP - 15-dc0037tx. This means you can adjust it in the right visual setting while fighting on a framerate that is relatively stable and not too far off the 144fps at the highest peak. Battle conditions in the lane that are crowded with creeps and special attack animations don't have much effect on this number. You don't need to worry about using Omen by HP-15-dc0037tx to play popular esports games that are currently available on the market.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

As the first series that no longer carries single-player mode at all, what Treyarch and Activision are trying to do with Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is indeed full of risks. But at least, from the response of gamers and our personal impressions, he ended up looking charming. This condition also makes like Battlefield V, there is a scenario that we push for testing amid confirmation that re-modifying their old engine, Black Ops 4 is not counted as a heavy game. Our testing method leads to two main game modes - conventional multiplayer and Blackout, the battle royale mode that is excellent.

For conventional multiplayer modes, Omen by HP - 15-dc0037tx is ready to smash Black Ops 4 with a high enough framerate even in the right visual settings. In this best visualization, you can already play Black Ops 4 in the framerate range between 110-120fps which returns to fluctuations depending on what kind of map you get. But again, there's no need to worry because of the implementation of G-Sync technology that is ready to adjust to the display refresh rate range itself.

The good news? For those of you who chase 144 fps, Omen by HP-15-dc0037tx was able to do it in this conventional model. There are two scenarios to choose from: enjoy visualization while still capable of only lowering the level of texture and shadow to LOW and adjusting it at 1024p OR OR maintaining 1080p resolution according to the display but adjusting all visual settings to the left. Whatever you choose, this scenario will allow 144fps or even higher be achieved with this one gaming notebook.

So, what about the main battle-royale mode Blackout? With the concept of a more open and wide world, of course, there are many things that must be handled by this one gaming notebook. The good news? The Black Ops 4 Engine is still not a challenge to be talked about. By directly playing Blackout mode with the graphics setting "stuck right", you can get framerate from 100fps to 120fps, both indoors and outdoors. Just like the case of conventional multiplayer, maintaining a resolution of 1080p and visual settings left stuck will be enough to bring you to touch the 144fps in Blackout, although not exactly too stable.

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG)

Of course, it's a relief and proud to see how PUBG Corp and Bluehole Studios are slow but sure, starting to ensure their flagship battle-royale game - PUBG is technically optimal for PC or console versions. Through updates that consistently appear and might drain the internet for those of you who still use quota-based systems, PUBG can be enjoyed more, especially in terms of framerate stability than when it first gained popularity momentum for example. Our testing process with Omen by HP-15-dc0037tx proves this.

Playing this game directly with the ULTRA setting at 1080p apparently still provides super comfortable framerate - 60fps to 70fps during the game on two different maps. Cool again, this framerate itself can be present stable both when you are in the field or trying to "pick up" various weapons in the room.

What about the 144fps scenario? Is this possible with PUBG? Unfortunately no. But that does not mean the performance of Omen by HP - 15-dc0037tx is disappointing. Believe it or not, by using the VERY LOW setting while maintaining the same resolution - 1080p, you can play PUBG with an average framerate of around 120-130fps when exploring. Lowering the resolution to 720p does allow you to touch 144fps, but when tested playing, the framerate usually drops more often and stays at 120-130s fps, which in fact is not much different when you try it at 1080p resolution.

Omen by HP - 15-dc0037tx has so far not been able to offer stable games at 144fps, regardless of whatever sacrifice you intend to make. But tasting this game above 100fps with stable can already be counted as a separate achievement that will make you able to enjoy it more than just the word "comfortable".

Soul Calibur VI

Monster Hunter World

Of all the games we chose to be tested by Omen by HP - 15-dc0037tx, Monster Hunter World seems appropriate to be called the "toughest game". Optimization is not optimal considering this is the inaugural game from the main series of Monster Hunter from Capcom for PC seems to be the main reason why this game feels so heavy for gaming laptops that already have specifications like the Omen by HP-15-dc0037tx though. The good news? The opportunity to enjoy it at framerate comfortably remains, although it cannot touch 144fps in any scenario.

The first test is to let it run in the best visual settings in the first area where you start acting as a Hunter. Playing this game in the HIGHEST setting with 1080p resolution ends with surprising results. The best visuals and options turned out to be "only" able to offer games at 30-40fps, which if you have to compare with the console version, should be at an equivalent level. Adjusting the game settings to the extreme pole instead by maintaining the 1080p resolution in the LOW setting, can push these numbers to 75-85fps. Of course, we haven't had the chance to try out nightmare scenarios like giant monsters that fight and gather in the same place, for example.

In an effort to pursue 144fps gameplay, this seems almost impossible to achieve for Monster Hunter World. We have sacrificed the resolution and lowered it to 720p, turned off all the visual settings that can be set, and then made it run in the LOW settings, and ended up getting a high framerate, but not exactly "approaching" this 144fps. With this lowest setting, you will get around 88-105 fps, which makes the action of the battle and exploration of course more comfortable. The question now, is this high framerate appropriate to compensate for the existing visual quality? We leave the answer to you.

Just Cause 4

Its performance on the Steam Store page from the review side is indeed not exactly "positive" at this time. Expectations are so high for what Avalanche Studios can achieve with Just Cause 4 because the latest engine implementation - the Apex Engine they will also use for Rage 2 is at its highest point. But instead of offering better visualization, this engine seems more designed to offer a more stable framerate, especially for the console version. So, what about the PC version itself? Can Omen by HP - 15-dc0037tx handle it well?

The good news, for a single-player game with a super-wide world, Just Cause 4 is still a AAA game with rational specifications. The performance of this gaming notebook can still make it run in 1080 with the quality setting VERY HIGH and still get framerate around 40-50fps, both when you just fly fast with your wingsuit, engage in exciting battles, or enjoy a variety of explosions that are part of the no inseparable from this game. The bad news? In this setting, despite the fact that it can be played at around 50 fps, it is difficult to touch 60 or more. The best way to get an average of 60fps even though it can't be called stable while maintaining the best visual quality you can get is to change the visual settings to MEDIUM.

The question now, is this game possible to reach 144fps using Omen by HP - 15-dc0037tx? Unfortunately no. Apart from the better performance on the console version compared to the previous engine, the same thing did not happen in the PC version. Even lowering this game to 720p with the LOW setting stuck even though it can only push the framerate to 70-80fps.

Assassin's Creed Odyssey

Surprising and charming at the same time, the success achieved by Ubisoft with a thicker action RPG mechanic for Assassin's Creed Odyssey is just a little of what makes this game end up charming. It is also a game that is visually mesmerizing for the size of open-world games, especially for simulating its water motion when you start using your ship to explore the islands. The good news? You can still use Omen by HP-15-dc0037tx to taste it in a comfortable framerate, at least during the exploration process.

Running it in the best visual quality setting is stuck right - ULTRA HIGH will bring you the graphics quality which is of course charming. Omen by HP - 15-dc0037tx can still offer a framerate equivalent to the console version - 30fps for decisions like this while offering a visual approach that is certainly far more pampering. What if you want to aim for a more comfortable framerate, with a target of 60fps for example? You certainly have to reduce the visual quality to a lower setting. In comparison, lowering it to VERY HIGH, or one setting under ULTRA HIGH can push the framerate to 45fps. Preference between framerate or visual will help you make decisions later.

The next question is whether, with the ability of Omen by HP-15-dc0037tx, he will be able to fulfill the dream to taste this game at 144fps? Unfortunately no. Calculated as a game that in the beginning was already counted "heavy", you can only get around 75-80fps framerate at 720p resolution and even LOW settings.

So what can be concluded with this Omen by HP-15-dc0037tx? That he was designed to meet the needs of all types of gamers, makes it feel very tempting. The hardware mix that he uses makes it a reliable gaming machine to bulldoze your favorite eSports game, which allows it to be played in maxima visual quality with 144fps framerate which is of course super comfortable with his 144Hz display.

While on the other hand, the ability that he stretches to make it still reliable to taste AAA games "heavyweight" with a framerate that remains comfortable to enjoy. Even though the AAA game is having a hard time reaching 144fps Frame Rate, the 144Hz screen still makes the visual quality obtained by the Omen by HP-15-dc0037tx owner much more comfortable than using a 60Hz screen. It requires a little compensation in the Graphics Settings to achieve a stable framerate at 60fps, but that won't necessarily lead to bad visualization. The combination of eSports games in stunning visual quality and the best framerate and the opportunity to taste AAA games at almost equal quality is the power of Omen by HP - 15-dc0037tx. Cool again? Everything is built on a price level that counts very reasonable for all capabilities and features offered.