Released Today, this is the Mobile-Garena CoD Rules

Today, Garena officially announced the opening of the game Call of Duty® Mobile - Garena, which can already be downloaded for free through Google Play and the App Store in various countries, including Southeast Asia.

Released Today, this is the Mobile-Garena CoD Rules

All Soldiers (nickname for players) can directly enjoy the thrill of playing the Call of Duty® game series now on mobile. Play and feel the excitement now!

Released by Garena, in collaboration with Activision and Tencent Timi Studio, Call of Duty® Mobile - Garena displays high-quality graphics, various game modes, and smooth game performance.

This action-packed game is specifically designed to be played on mobile and has been tested in various countries for several months to get constructive feedback from all players, and now this game is ready to provide an excellent playing experience.

Various Game Modes, Legendary Characters, and "Scorestreak" Systems to Play!

For players who have played Call of Duty series before, it must be familiar with classic maps such as Crash and Crossfire from the Modern Warfare® series, Nuketown and Hijacked from the Black Ops series, to legendary characters such as Ghost, Soap, Captain Price, and Alex Mason from the Call of Duty® series.

Mode and how to play CoD Mobile-Garena

In addition to classic game modes that can be played during the closed beta test period yesterday such as "Team Deathmatch", "Bomb Mission" and "Domination", special modes such as "Gun Game" and "Free-For-All" can also be played now. The "Scorestreak" system will provide a new playing experience, where players can summon drones or VTOL planes into the battlefield and help players win.

Battle Royale mode on Call of Duty® Mobile - Garena, will also provide a unique playing experience. Players can drive a helicopter then free fall from mountain to the mountain using wingsuit. Select "Class" which can issue additional skills that suit your playing style. Other elements such as Cerberus and Zombie will also be present to complete the Battle Royale mode in Call of Duty® Mobile - Garena.

More Than 1 Million Players Awaited, In-game Item Launching Prizes Already Available!

The number of players participating in the Call of Duty® Mobile - Garena Pre-registration phase in Indonesia has reached more than 1 million users. As a token of appreciation for all players, all players who have pre-registered will receive special in-game items. Wait for the full announcement on the official Facebook and Instagram accounts of Call of Duty® Mobile - Garena.

New players will also get various other additional in-game prizes by logging into the game for 7 days. In-game prizes such as permanent weapons "PDW-57 - Zombie Gene", "M4LMG - Red Triangle" and "Special Ops 5" characters will be distributed for FREE. In addition, players can get credit and open daily boxes by logging into the game every day, and the opportunity to get a rare permanent weapon "M21 EBR - On Fire".

If you already know the rules of playing CoD Mobile-Garena, direct and get all the prizes!