Rumble League, Unique MOBA Seriously Entering Esports

The development of esports is now very rapid. Ease of access to playing games on mobile devices is a major trigger, especially in Indonesia. Rumble League became the latest comer who was ready to enliven the realm of mobile sports esports.

Rumble League is an online multiplayer battle arena (MOBA) game developed by Space Ape. This game is packed to be played 5v5 with a fairly fast match time, which is 3 minutes per match.

Space Ape claims that this game is different from other game segments. According to George Yao, the Product Manager of Space Ape, Rumble League presents a tense battle with the characteristics of funny design characters.

Another uniqueness presented by Rumble League is the variety of modes. One of the most unique is PayLoad. In this mode, you can not only win by eliminating opponents but must move the rocket to the enemy zone.

"Rumble League presents epic and unique battles that can be played with the best players from around the world. We are optimistic that this game can capture the attention of brawler game lovers, "Yao said in an official statement.

Along with its release, Rumble League showed its commitment to esports by holding a tournament titled S.E.A. SLAM. No kidding, Space Ape gave a total prize of 15 thousand dollars for the inaugural tournament of the new game.

S.E.A. SLAM followed by 40 Top Leaderboard who competed to win the best title in the Rumble League game. In addition, eight well-known influencers from Southeast Asian countries also enlivened the event. One of them is Riantoro "Pasta" Yogi who gained interesting experience from the tournament.

For Pasta, Rumble League is a promising esports game. Because the competition in this game is still not hard because there are still at least pro players. This also allows amateur players to excel.

"The 15 thousand dollar prize pool is really big for a new game and a bit of a pro player. So, we can immediately make the best team with big potential to win, "Pasta said.

For now, Rumble League competition is still limited to Top Leaderboard. However, Pasta is certain that in the future this game will have a more interesting variety of competitions with spectacular prizes.

Rumble League is available on the App Store and Google Play Store with a data size of 284MB. The specifications are also friendly for below-average smartphone specifications.