Christmas Tree Cupcakes


Christmas tree cupcakes


  • your favorite cupcakes
  • cupcake liners 
  • buttercream frosting 
  • green food coloring 
  • Wilton Christmas tree lights decorating kit 
  • size 1M decorating tip 
  • 16-inch disposable decorating bag


Prepare your favorite cupcakes and let cool. I like to pop the cupcakes into a clean, second cupcake liner before decorating. 
Prepare buttercream frosting, making sure it's thick enough to keep its shape when piped. Add confectioner's sugar if needed to thicken. Tint your frosting green. Prepare a decorating bag with the decorating tip by inserting the tip into the bag and snipping the end of the bag just above the opening of the tip. Fill with the frosting and close tightly with a rubber band. 
Pipe the "tree" of frosting on the cupcake. Start in the center, move to the edge and pipe a spiral. 
To decorate the tree, wrap a piece of black licorice lace around the frosting. Insert the lights sprinkles gently around the licorice lace. If desired, sprinkle the non-pareils on the frosting (I did not add many non-pareils). Add a star on top.